Killer Robot Philosophy: America’s Broken Machine — I,Robot & Just Mercy

Jimmy Dill: Source Equal Justice Initiative

Part 1: I,Robot’s Vision of Human Fallibility

The media is dripping with killer robot movies. Matrix, Terminator, Ultron — So what makes this one different? Most of these movies are very blurry about the motives of the machines. Basically, in each movie, the machines woke up one day and decided they hated us and that they ought to farm us, avenge us, or terminate us.

  1. A robot has to obey orders from human beings unless this violates the first law.
  2. A robot must protect its own existence unless doing so conflicts with the first or second laws.

Part 2: Free Will Defense of the Problem of Evil

If this sounds familiar its because it is everywhere. The “price of freedom” logic is baked into American culture. But it is older than us. Rapunzel in the tower has to be kept safe by being kept away from the world itself.

  • Absolute restriction of freedom is the only way to guarantee safety.
  • If human beings want guaranteed freedom they will need to give up absolute safety.

Part 3: Justice in the Face of Brokenness

  1. Retributive Justice and
  2. Shared Brokenness
  1. Fallibility breaks Retributive Justice as a Model
  2. (And most emotional) Our sense of shared brokenness should be a source of connection, not a reason to alienate eachother.
Jimmy Dill — Executed in 2009 after Alabama failed to provide adequate counsel.

Physics teacher, bioethicist, YouTuber, forever student.

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