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It’s been fifteen days since my second dose. The world, for me, is safe again. So why do I still feel so scared?

I’m writing in a cafe. The visual vestiges of pandemic still in full force. Unusable chairs are zip-tied together at the legs. A mousepad sized sticker informs me loudly, “this table is unavailable.” I imagine a graphic designer spent at least an afternoon before he sent it off to corporate for approval. But no whimsical font can change the sadness of its message. The lament of Marius — empty chairs at empty…

Incredibles 2 is so much fun. There are so many details. When Jack Jack bites the electric villain, these little sparks come off his leg. Elastic girl’s motorcycle has lens flares. The Incredibleel snaps frantic faces of the Parr kids when they log in. You could spend hours rewatching just to appreciate the craft of it.

ETH-USD, May 2021

I figured I’d share.

The internet is full of stories of people making way too much money on this stuff. AMC — diamond hands. HODL. Etc.

Legally speaking, this is not financial advice. I’m a blogger. I make YouTube videos about robots and racism.

I just think, “hey world, I fucked up and lost a bunch of money” isn’t something people are ready to admit. So, we have a distorted perspective on things.

Yes. I originally wrote this for a pseudonym account. Yes. I’m embarrassed about it. But it’s been a few months and I have some distance from it…

I found my way to reading some of the criticism of Lin Manuel Miranda’s “In the Heights.” The question is whether or not he had appropriately cast given that was depicting an Afro-Latinx community in Washington Heights. The criticism is that too many of the lead characters are too light skinned for the neighborhood. I used to live 6 blocks away. This is, factually speaking, a valid criticism. 10 Wokeness points deducted from Gryffindor.

But wait. Others are saying this film should be heralded for its depiction of Latinx characters. Abuela Claudia’s story in particular is both moving and itself…

I love a lot of these YouTubers. Ali taught me about Speechify which is helping improve my reading speed. Shelby taught me about Medium’s partner program — from which I have made over 1 dollar and 79 cents. Graham taught me… I guess buy index funds with money I don’t have. So why am I growing suspicious of them? Well, you read the title — let’s just jump right in

From emails imitating companies, facebook profiles imitating your friends, and “health” influences imitating medical professionals [See John Oliver’s recent] the internet is full of real schemes and real crime.


[If you prefer a video version or are out of free Medium articles… you can find a video version: YouTube.com/ThatMakesSenseToMe]

[Gratutious thumbnail with a background so blurred it is the platonic form of bokeh. It’s the internet. Sue me.]

This book is a bestseller for a reason. I just finished reading Ibram X Kendi’s Book and dang it is worth your time.

Now, admittedly, it says racism on the tin, so perhaps you’d be forgiven for thinking it’s a lefty book with lefty values, but I lean pretty left and found myself getting schooled a bunch of times.

In fact, to be slightly too honest, I thought I could skip this book. Ever since I finished my graduate degree…

I finally got around to watching the Montero music video. Yes. I know I’m behind the times. But just wow. Many of you probably saw the Greek quote inscribed on the tree in the garden of Eden.

Jimmy Dill: Source Equal Justice Initiative

Video Version Live Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kip51mgTVIc

Part 1: I,Robot’s Vision of Human Fallibility

The media is dripping with killer robot movies. Matrix, Terminator, Ultron — So what makes this one different? Most of these movies are very blurry about the motives of the machines. Basically, in each movie, the machines woke up one day and decided they hated us and that they ought to farm us, avenge us, or terminate us.

But Asimov’s robots rebel for a much more precise reason. Counterintuitively, they rebel because they are just following orders.

Okay I’m fired up now.

Louis CK is back? He performed in New York for a “surprise” 15 minutes set that the owner of the comedy club did not know about. At the end of the set, he was reportedly welcomed back with a standing ovation.

I wanted to write this to explain why I think this is not acceptable. I know it’s complicated. People like him. I liked his comedy. His comedy is still good. People want to believe in redemption, but I still think this is not acceptable. And I want to tell you why.

The complicating tension…

It has been a rough year for America.

We’ve just crossed 400,000 deaths. That is incomprehensible to me. And yet, my news feed is still filled with stories of the dietary preferences of the man wearing horns in the capitol.

I’ve omitted his photo because.. well can we stop plastering this guy’s face everywhere? At first I found it mildly annoying, now I think it’s harmful. It’s sensationalism distracting from something actually deadly.

In Rome in the 70s kids would surround a tourist. The one in the front would have a flower he would try to hand you. The kids…

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Physics teacher, bioethicist, YouTuber, forever student.

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